Led Lighting

Electrical & Lighting Solutions Ltd – We are able to design, supply and install all types of LED lighting. LED lighting the new energy efficient lighting for the future with up to 80% efficiency, save money and reduce your companies carbon footprint by changing all your existing lighting over to LED lighting reduce your energy loss by up to 50%-90% compared to common conventional lighting products.

Instant light no need for warm up compared to sodium lighting currently used for security lighting which does need to warm up. Half your costs for security lighting with the latest LED floodlights with an average life span of up to 40 times longer than traditional lighting tubes whilst still maintaining optimum lux levels, there is no risk to the environment as unlike existing lighting tubes which do contain mercury.

Whilst the initial cost of LED lights is higher than conventional tubes you will regain your costs back over time by the advantage of their longevity, low maintenance in turn saving costs on labour.

We have currently installed LED lighting throughout the West Midlands such as Telford, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Birmingham, Stourbridge, Bridgnorth to name but a few and in many types of premises such as factories, warehouses, offices, hotels and restaurants.

Services available:

  • Instant Light
  • Last 40 times longer
  • Less heat emissions
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Constant lux levels
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Major saving running costs
  • Labour saving